Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Choosing the best solution for today and forever.


We at Coingosh are ardent believers in resource conservation. Companies that deal with dirty physical manufacturing processes, labor-intensive supply chains in underdeveloped countries, or sophisticated worldwide logistics networks that drive greenhouse gas emissions, of course, have the greatest need for traditional corporate sustainability. Why do we have an environmental policy if Coingosh isn’t involved in any of this? The reason for this is that we believe we can be a positive force in the industry.


Coingosh Sustainability


We don’t just think about environmental issues when we talk about sustainability. We believe that a company’s long-term success and competitiveness are closely related to its sustainability. As a result, we believe that being at the forefront of all main areas of sustainability, including environmental, social, economic, and human, is critical to Coingosh’s continued competitiveness.


Sustainability within Environment


We are concerned about environmental sustainability at Coingosh. This is undoubtedly the most well-known difficulty related to sustainability, and we are constantly striving to lessen our environmental effects. We make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while still adhering to all applicable regulatory obligations. Furthermore, as we grow, we are committed to putting a greater emphasis on environmental sustainability.


Everything we do at Coingosh is influenced by our commitment to environmental sustainability, from simple day-to-day decisions to comprehensive company-wide policy. Because Coingosh is a digital-first firm, we can rethink several ecologically harmful practices that traditional businesses find difficult to change. Our digital-first approach and remote working style, for example, eliminate the necessity for real meetings. As a result, we can reduce travel and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, remote working allows for more efficient resource utilization, as we do not require enormous offices that are underutilized after business hours, for example. We also strive to reduce business-related waste and our impact on ecosystems in general.


Coingosh Green Fund


Nonetheless, our efforts to promote environmental sustainability aren’t limited to what we’re doing right now. We’ve also put in place solid strategies to become even more ecologically friendly in the future. Our dedication to more properly tracking our environmental effects and identifying ways to become even more ecologically friendly is a part of this. We also want to inspire other businesses to focus more on environmental sustainability. We’ll start the Coingosh Green Fund once we’re profitable. We will be able to donate money to environment-centric programs that mitigate environmental effects and encourage sustainable endeavors through the Coingosh Green Fund. As a result, the Coingosh Green Fund will enable us to put our money where our mouth is and donate financially to environmental sustainability projects outside of our organization.



We also hope to persuade the rest of the industry to move in a more ecologically friendly manner. Although we have no direct control over how other businesses approach sustainability, we feel that our rules can have an indirect impact on how they operate. We are ardent supporters of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process, for example. Even those who aren’t familiar with Proof-of-Stake may have heard about the criticism leveled against cryptocurrencies that use the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Some argue that Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies are unsustainable because their energy-intensive crypto mining does not exclusively employ renewable energy. Proof-of-Stake consensus tackles this problem by lowering the ecological footprint of a blockchain by orders of magnitude. In the coming months, Ethereum (the world’s second-largest blockchain) will switch from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake as its consensus method. According to the Ethereum Foundation, switching to Proof-of-Stake will reduce Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99.95%.


Social Persistence


Every chance we get, we try to support social sustainability. At Coingosh, equality and mutual respect are core values. Furthermore, we work hard to have a deeper knowledge of how our business structure and internal processes affect people from a social perspective. We use a flat organizational structure to promote social well-being and exchange ideas as part of this. We can create greater corporate openness and remove employee information asymmetry by avoiding a hierarchical communication chain. Naturally, we abide by all applicable laws and regulations about fair labor practices, human rights, equity, empowerment, and diversity.


Social sustainability issues are notoriously difficult to assess, but we’re always looking for ways to enhance it, both within Coingosh and through our interactions with corporate stakeholders. Our broad campaign for increased diversity, for example, is a real example of our engagement with social sustainability. The diverse makeup of the Coingosh team exemplifies this. The Coingosh team, in particular, covers the globe, and our personnel comes from a diverse range of backgrounds. We feel that diversity is an important component of social sustainability and that our diverse staff gives us a competitive advantage that extends to our business operations. Within our company, we value diversity and actively foster cultural interchange.


In addition, we are constantly working to improve our social sustainability. This includes enhancing all Coingosh stakeholders’ social impact. Our continued work with human sustainability, as well as how we try to retain and promote Coingosh’s existing people capital, are examples of this. Finally, we want to have a deeper understanding of the social impact that our products and technology have on end-users, and we want to make every effort to guarantee that this impact is beneficial.


Durability of economy


We acknowledge that our capacity to achieve our company goals, as well as the feasibility of our other sustainability efforts, is dependent on long-term economic sustainability. As a result, to ensure Coingosh’s future competitiveness, we seek to make fiscally smart decisions without compromising our dedication to social, environmental, and cultural projects.


We have a comprehensive long-term economic growth strategy in place, as well as a clear road map to profitability. Part of this necessitates effective resource management and sound financial judgments. We consider it as our responsibility to all stakeholders in the company to make decisions that do not jeopardize our long-term economic viability.


Furthermore, we are convinced that economic sustainability may coexist with environmental, social, and human sustainability. We are confident that long-term economic sustainability depends on total sustainability. This includes maximizing resource efficiency, promoting diversity within our organization, and keeping and stimulating our current personnel. In a nutshell, we’re devoted to ensuring long-term economic viability while preserving natural and social wealth.


The Future of Humanity


Without a question, our greatest resource at Coingosh is the human capital we have on staff. As a result, acquiring, maintaining, retaining, and developing our talent and workforce is critical to long-term survival. Furthermore, we feel that maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is vital to our employees’ well-being.


As part of our ongoing efforts to promote human sustainability, our Human Resources department conducts internal surveys regularly to measure employee happiness. These continually reveal that we have incredibly high staff happiness, which reflects the work we’ve already done at Coingosh to improve human sustainability. We also have the highest employee retention rate in the industry. Furthermore, we strive hard to upskill our current employees and provide opportunities for them to grow and develop within Coingosh. Nonetheless, we are dissatisfied with the current situation. This is why we are always looking for ways to better our internal procedures and how we work.


Our motivation for doing all of this isn’t only because it’s the correct thing to do. We are firm believers that nurturing the tremendous human capital that Coingosh has already acquired creates a positive feedback loop that benefits all parties involved. As a result, we anticipate that all of our sustainability efforts will result in a more appealing workplace for both employees and other stakeholders, as well as serve as a model for how businesses may work with sustainability.


At Coingosh, sustainability is more than a phrase; we work hard to ensure that all of our decisions are made with the environment in mind. Simply said, we believe it is prudent to make decisions that will benefit us today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.


We don’t shy away from difficult issues at Coingosh, and we’re not scared to make long-term decisions.