Real estate tokenization is a new trend that brings real estate investing and blockchain technology together. Tokenization makes it easier for asset or fund owners to raise capital, and it allows investors extraordinary access to private real estate assets, transparency, and liquidity.

We’ll go through what tokenization is, how owners and investors may profit, and how the tokenization process works in this post.
According to a report, 92 percent of properties are sold via the use of a real estate agent or broker.

What Does It Means A “Tokenize” An Asset In Real Estate?

Tokenization is a new name for a cryptocurrency fundraiser in which investors trade fiat or crypto money for “tokens”.

To summarise, tokenization is a method for securitizing actual assets.

Securitizing an asset is dividing it into shares that may be sold to investors. Tokenizing an asset is the same as dividing it into shares, or “tokens,” that represent a preset share of the underlying value. As a result, they’re commonly referred to as “security tokens.”

These tokens are safe thanks to blockchain technology’s immutability, and they may be traded on crypto exchanges or Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

A New Real Estate Token Is Being Created

When a property owner agrees to tokenize it, an Ethereum-based real estate token (also known as a security token) is issued to represent the property’s shares. The aggregate value of all tokens will equal the aggregate value of the securitized asset.

Let’s have a look at a basic scenario.

Let’s say you wish to tokenize a $30 million home with 100,000 square feet. One share for every square foot is a simple approach to split the property into shares. As a result, you’d split the property into 100,000 shares, each worth $300 and representing one square foot of the land.

You might also split the property into square inches, which would make each token worth $2.08. This is an option you may consider if you want to make your project more appealing to a larger group of investors. Of course, you may limit the share sale to a particular percentage of the asset – say, 20% – to maintain majority control while generating cash for, say, a new wing or upgrades.
The tokens will then be sold to investors.

Raise Capital Faster
Take the first step toward tokenizing your real estate assets today and learn how to raise capital faster and reach more investors.

The Process Of Security Token Offering (STO)
A security token offering is a term given to the first sale of a security token offering (STO). It’s also known as a tokenized asset offering (TAO) or a tokenized security offering (TSO). However, regardless of the phrase used, the end outcome is the same.

Please note: That a security token offering (STO) is not the same as an initial coin offering (ICO). Although ICOs provide investors with a token, this token does not always reflect ownership in the underlying asset or firm. The tokens offered are sometimes referred to as “utility tokens” since they only have value on the company’s platform.

As a result, buyers are “investing” in the project, expecting that the value of the tokens will rise as the network expands. Because the tokens sold (security tokens) reflect ownership in a genuine asset,
STOs differ from ICOs. STO investors are aware of the true worth of the underlying asset they are purchasing and stand to gain from any future price growth.

Some asset owners opt to sell their tokens through a crowd sale. Asset owners also have the option of marketing and selling their tokens on their own. The wonderful thing about STOs is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Asset owners have total discretion over how their STO is marketed.

Exchange Listing Of Tokens
Tokens must be posted on the exchange once they have been generated and sold to investors so that investors may trade their tokens. There aren’t many possibilities for listing, but the list is expanding.

Many of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges are working to get regulatory authority to offer security tokens.

It’s important to remember that a single coin might be listed on several exchanges.

How Does Tokenization Benefit Investors And Owners?
Tokenization eliminates the middleman, making it easier and less expensive for investors to purchase and sell real estate, as well as for property owners and developers to generate funds. Tokens may be traded relatively instantaneously and for a very minimal charge by investors (similar to stock market trades). Tokenization allows project owners to raise funds without the need for financial intermediaries to
back the business.

Real estate has historically provided great profits, but since the assets involved are so expensive, it has significant entry hurdles. Tokenized real estate assets provide investors the best of both worlds: high returns on real estate investments (even with a little investment) and stock market liquidity.

Benefits of using Coingosh
● Many operations linked to financing and investor administration are digitized and automated on your own real estate crowdfunding website.
● The advanced share cap table module enables you to invest in a variety of currencies.
● For maximum safety and security, audited smart contracts are used.
● Our OTC marketplace provides immediate liquidity.
● Meetings of shareholders, decisions, and so on.
● Signatures by e-mail
● Tokens can be used with exchanges, custodians, and other services.

Digital shares are available to investors.
● Trading at a low cost
● Shares that can be transferred
● 24/7 Markets
● Settlement in a hurry

Platform Operator:
● Platform customization is quick and flexible, allowing you to service a large number of clients.
● Assets provide a reliable source of ongoing revenue.
● Make a name for yourself as a smart contracts supplier in your area.

Tokenization of Real Estate: What Are the Different Types?
● Tokenizing the ownership of commercial properties with legally compliant technologies is known as commercial real estate tokenization.
● Tokenizing fractional ownership of residential real estate for asset owners, investors, developers, and institutions is known as residential real estate tokenization.
● Tokenization of Residential/Commercial Trophy Real Estate: Increase the liquidity of your projects in a lawful and long-term way.

Coingosh Platform
● Investor registration and verification (KYC / AML) is required for issuing.
● Electronic document workflow and signatures Token purchase.
● Tokenized shareholder registry across numerous share classes is managed by
corporate management.
● Dividends and investor communication.
● Tokens are frozen or renewed.
● Integration with custodians, banks, and payment platforms: Internal

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization In The Future
The worldwide real estate market is worth $228 trillion dollars. Only qualified and institutional investors had access to the most exciting real estate developments prior to the tokenization of real estate. However, asset owners and developers may now advertise their projects to both retail and institutional investors throughout the world.

Tokenization also adds much-needed liquidity and transparency to a sector that has previously been opaque. The ability to trade real estate shares in real-time (similar to how public firms are traded on stock exchanges) should draw in more investors and open the door to more ambitious and distinctive real estate projects.

Investors may already purchase and sell real estate investment trusts (REITs), but these often need hefty minimum commitments and reflect a vast portfolio of firms rather than a single property or new development.

The tokenization of real estate allows both investors and owners to raise and deploy funds in their own way.

Coingosh provides real estate tokenization services.
Security Token Offering: Using Blockchain technology, provide immutable ownership and a marketplace to support lightning-fast transactions and a 24*7 trading marketplace.

Using Smart contracts and Blockchain technology, security tokens provide a trading standard between two or more parties. In real estate, shares and bonds may be digital and stored for decentralized internet trading and investing.

Issuance of a Compliance Certificate: Offering a white-label software solution for securities issuance and management (shares, bonds, etc.). The smart contract checks to see if the issuer and buyer are white-listed and performs the necessary changes. It also establishes a full-proof verification system for investors through the KYC procedure.

Consultancy: Designing security-compliant coins and smart contracts to make real estate investment easier. Asset digitization, security token management, investor whitelist management, and liquidity trading are all services we offer end-to-end.

Partner Networks: With our network of trusted partners spanning exchanges, KYC providers, investor networks, developers, and consultants, we can help you put together your security token and real estate token ecosystems.

Are You Ready To Tokenize Your Property?
Tokenization of real estate might be difficult. Connect with our team of professionals now to make it easier!

Coingosh is a real estate tokenization platform that creates security tokens representing fractional interests in real estate properties using blockchain technology and the Ethereum network.

Please complete our short initial onboarding procedure to get started with your first asset tokenization, and we’ll get back to you with further information.

If you have any queries concerning the procedure, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


  • How Can Real Estate Be Tokenized?
    Real estate tokenization turns asset values into tokens that may be sold to investors. A fundamental asset is represented by each token. Hire skilled developers from a real estate tokenization firm and make intelligent preparations for your tokenization project to tokenize your actual asset in the safest way possible.
  • Can you explain what it means to tokenize real estate?
    Tokenization is the way to go when it comes to turning real estate into digital assets. You may split the property value into many shares and also divide the possession for each offer by tokenizing your property. Tokenization aids in the development of a more safe, efficient, and worldwide real estate industry
  • What is the cost of developing a real estate tokenization platform?
    The cost of entirely tokenizing your real estate cannot be calculated without taking into consideration a variety of elements such as setups and integrations. In any case, hiring a reputable real estate tokenization business is the greatest way to save time and money.